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Activity Report, April 24 – April 30

Student Affairs and Enrollment Management Weekly Report


Andrea Aragon and Josh Vasquez from the Campus Activity center.

Activity Center Staff Saves Life: On April 22 at 8:00 a.m., a faculty member suffered cardiac emergency in the weight room of the Activity.  The student employee on shift, Josh Vasquez immediately responded.  Josh activated the facilities emergency action plan and began an initial assessment, checked for a pulse and began CPR.  Andrea Aragon, the student employee who was attending the front desk called 911.  Josh and a bystander continued CPR until the NMSU Fire Department arrived. Josh Vasquez and Andrea Aragon are two of over 200 student employees of Rec Sports.  The professional staff of the Aquatic Center are American Red Cross certified Lifeguard and CPR Instructors Trainers.  Each student employee of the department receives CPR training along with emergency management procedures.  We are proud of our staff for their dedication to the health and well-being of the NMSU community as well as a special acknowledgment to Josh and Andrea for applying their skills and quick response.


Student Documentary: A special professional development event for SAEM Staff took place on April 16th when they had an opportunity to visit with Maria Garcia and Montiqua Speir, NMSU students who will be graduating in May.  Four years ago both students were featured in a documentary film titled “Our Time Is Now” from Littleglobe Films in Santa Fe.  At the time of the documentary, Maria and Montiqua were attending Deming High School and were participants in the State of New Mexico Gear Up Program.  The film highlights the challenges to high school graduation in New Mexico.  During the presentation, Maria and Montiqua discussed their experiences at NMSU and how faculty, staff and other support helped them to complete their degrees in four years.  Both Maria and Montiqua have been accepted into Graduate Programs at NMSU for Fall 2016.  Link to the documentary film –

DREAM Excellence Training: On April 26 and 28 DREAM Excellence trainings were conducted at DACC Central and DACC East Mesa campuses, respectively. DREAM Excellence trainings focus on issues of access to higher education for undocumented students and U.S. citizens and residents with a foreign high school transcript. The trainings are sponsored by the Immigrant Student Issues Committee.  Cyrena Alfaro of Financial Aid, Gustavo Guzman of Admissions, Mari Tellez and Laura Gutiérrez Spencer of Chicano Programs conducted the trainings.



Janet Mock, bestselling novelist of “Redefining Realness” and LGBT+ Program Coordinator, Zooey Pook.

LGBT+ Program host National Speaker: The LGBT+ Program has had a full array of activities for the recognition of Pride Season.  The season concluded with a nationally recognized speaker, Janet Mock, the author of the bestselling book, “Redefining Realness”.  Ms. Mock, a transgender woman, spoke to an audience of over 200 at the Corbett Center Auditorium, reflecting on her book, life, and role as transgender personality.  The audience was given the opportunity to ask questions and meet the author for a book signing.  Zooey Sophia Pook, LGBT+ Program Coordinator served as the moderator for the event.  NMSU is joining other colleges and universities making changes to policies and processes that are more inclusive.  Ms. Mock commended NMSU for taking strides to improve communication, access, support, and resources to a community that is nationally underserved.


NMSU Career Services hosted an Etiquette Dinner to prepare students for Dining.

NMSU Career Services: NMSU Career Services has been busy getting our graduating students ready for a job. The department hosted the 43rd Annual Educators’ Job Fair with 63 districts conducting on site interviews with approximately 100 candidates. NMSU Career Services also hosted the Etiquette Dinner with approximately 75 students participating.  Several Colleges (ACES, College of Engineering, College of Business, Graduate School) and Departments (Office of Advancement, Career Services, CAMP, American Indian Program) sponsored students.



Technology Innovation: Six members of the Enrollment Management team attended the Annual Ellucian Live Conference in Denver. Undergraduate Admissions, University Registrar and University Financial Aid and Scholarship Services continue to identify and realize operational and student service efficiencies through existing automation and better utilization of software system solutions that NMSU already pays for. The staff attendees representing these three departments were Minerva Galaz, Lorraine Ortega, Krystal Espinoza, Catherine Rhajakumari, Virginia Tucker and Jerry Martinez.

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