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The Aggie Welcome & Orientation Office (AWO) attended the Region 3 conference for the National Orientation Director’s Association on April 1-3rd in Ogden, Utah at Weber State University. The AWO Office was responsible for helping in the facilitation of this conference as NMSU held a position on the planning committee for our Region including: Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and New Mexico. The AWO Office took three current Orientation Leaders: Jennifer Hughes, Tatiana Williams, and Traci Escajeda. These students developed the following learning outcomes by attending the regional orientation conference:

Learning Outcomes for Attending the Conference

  • Increase knowledge regarding trends and best practices related to the field of orientation, transition, and retention.
  • Increase understanding of current research in the field of orientation, transition and retention.
  • Benchmark programs/services with peer institutions in the region.
  • Increase formal and informal network with peers engaged in the field of orientation, transition and retention.
  • Enhance student leadership skills related to orientation, transition, and retention programs through participation in developmental learning experiences

After the conference the students stated the following and were thankful for such a leadership development experience and knowing NMSU values their investment as a student leader.Orientation3

“My time at the NODA conference had a major impact on my thoughts about orientation. Before even getting the opportunity to attend the conference, I was thinking about pursuing a higher education degree. During the day and a half conference, I was able to meet and connect with other orientation leaders, student coordinators, and orientation directors. While talking to others they told me about their orientation programs and things they did to help incoming freshmen acclimate to being in college. They gave me idea’s to help make our orientation program more student friendly while still giving them all the information they need. All in all, my time there was the best experience of my life, and I look forward to attending more if given a chance!”

-Jennifer Hughes (Freshmen, Undecided Major)

“I am so grateful that I was given the opportunity to attend such an eye-opening conference. Throughout my weekend in Ogden, Utah I really took a lot of new knowledge with me. Orientation is such an important aspect for new students, and through what I learned this weekend, I feel like it has given me new leadership qualities that will make this summer’s orientation even better for incoming students.

The most important lesson I took from this weekends conference is as a leader, it is important that through anything you do, that you have an authentic purpose for doing things. I would like to thank you NMSU for giving me the opportunity to go on this trip. It was so educational and I was also able to make new relationships with Orientation Leaders from different states. I am so grateful to be more knowledgeable on what it takes to be a better leader and I am excited to share this information and great tips with my co-workers!”

-Tatiana Williams (Junior, Athletic Training Major)

“This conference allowed me to broaden my horizon in the orientation field. It made my passion for helping new students grow. With that being said I can see myself going to grad school for Higher Education. The presentation were such a great part of the program. This conference was very beneficial as a returning Orientation Leader and has given me more confidence with my students and I feel like I can now be the best Orientation Leader I can be now.”

-Traci Escajeda (Junior, Social Worker Major)

Share the Learning Story Submitted by Mariana Ortega
Aggie Welcome and Orientation


Orientation 2

Orientation Leaders meeting other Orientation Leaders and talking about best practices when it comes to being an Orientation Leader and mentoring new incoming students.


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