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Activity Report, April 3-April 9

Student Affairs and Enrollment Management Weekly Report
April 3rd, 2016


During the event, Lani Rae Padilla was crowned the 2016-2017 NMSU Miss Native American.

  • American Indian Week: The American Indian Program has been busy this week with their Annual American Indian Week. The weeklong event started with an opening ceremony and blessing outside of Hadley Hall. Over 300 people enjoyed the popular Native American Taco Demonstration.
  • Leadership and Diversity Outreach: Zooey Sophia Pook is the student program coordinator for the NMSU LGBT+ Programs. She is a Transgender scholar whose research focuses on the intersections of identity, autonomy, and culture. She holds Master’s Degrees in Philosophy and Communication, and is currently completing a PhD in Rhetoric and Professional Communication.   She was invited to give numerous talks in the US and abroad. She is noted for her “Heteronormative Privilege” series of YouTube and has presented research at conferences such as Feminisms and Rhetoric’s, Gender Matters, and The Future of Comics.  Zooey Sophia will speak on Transgender Identity, Retention, and Student Success through Gender Inclusive Language at the National Conference on Leadership and Diversity at Northern Arizona State University on April 22-23, 2016.


    Zooey Pook, Director of LGBT+

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