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Activity Report, April 10- April 16

Student Affairs and Enrollment Management Weekly Report
April 10, 2016


Aggie Welcome & Orientation Staff that attended the Region III Conference.

Aggie Welcome: The Aggie Welcome & Orientation Office (AWO) attended the Region 3 conference for the National Orientation Director’s Association on April 1-3rd in Ogden, Utah at Weber State University. The AWO Office was responsible for helping in the facilitation of this conference as NMSU held a position on the planning committee for our Region including: Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and New Mexico. The AWO Office took three current Orientation Leaders: Jennifer Hughes, Tatiana Williams, and Traci Escajeda. For further information on the conference experience of the leaders:

Transforming NMSU into the 21st Century: Bernadette Montoya, Vice President of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, held two listening sessions on April 13th and April 14th. One hundred fifty seven SAEM staff members attended the sessions. Dr. Montoya addressed questions, concerns and recommendations staff had in regards to the transformation and the current budget status of the University. Staff had different outlets of communicate during the sessions anonymously online or by index card.


Staff from SAEM at the Listening Sessions presented by Dr. Bernadette Montoya.

Financial Literacy Fair: NMSU, in partnership with Wells Fargo, hosted the 2016 Financial Literacy Fair on Wednesday, April 13th.  Approximately 250 students participated in the fair, which drew 17 local vendors. The fair provides students and guests with information about budgeting, credit, identity theft prevention, investing, saving, student loans, and financial aid.


Undergraduate Admissions: Minerva Galaz with the Undergraduate Admissions Office was recognized with a Certificate of Appreciation. NMSU’s College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) hosted the attended banquet. The award was presented to Minerva for her valuable and continued support to the program.


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