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Activity Report, March 13th- March 19th

Student Affairs and Enrollment Management Weekly Report
March 13, 2016

  • Student Success Navigators: A presentation hosted by the NMSU Teaching Academy, “Reflections from the Student Success Navigators: What Faculty and Administrators Need to Know” was attended by approximately seventy faculty and staff.  Program coordinators and Student Success Navigators shared program activities and outcomes from the Fall 2015 semester and planning for higher levels of collaboration with NMSU colleges sponsored mentoring programs for first year students.
  • Enrollment Management Team: Over 50 Enrollment Management staff members spent Tuesday morning conversing with the College of ACES leadership. Interim Dean Jim Libbin and Interim Associate Dean Jerry Hawkes shared information about their College, recruitment and student services, and opportunities for increased collaboration between ACES and the Enrollment Management units. Enrollment Management is comprised of University Financial Aid and Scholarship Services, Undergraduate Admissions, and the University Registrar’s Office.
  • RISE Program: Laura Gutiérrez-Spencer, Director of Chicano Programs, met with an evaluator of the Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement (RISE) funded program. The RISE program sponsors laboratory experience and mentorship toward creating access to more under represented faculty in the STEM fields.
  • Military Veterans Program: The Military and Veterans program hosted two candidates for the Director of Military Veterans Program.  Faculty, staff and students were invited to meet with the candidates in an Open Forum session where they shared their vision for serving NMSU military and veteran students.


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